Fans' Liaison Committee Meeting 18/10/07

Last updated : 06 November 2007 By Tigers Co-operative

Why is it that we are sponsored by the local telephone company, the stadium is named after them and yet the only way to phone the main office or the ticket office is to use a premium rate number? Can we please have a local number for our local club?

Yes, it is all going to change in January. New numbers will probably be an 01482 number or an 08 number costing just 1p a minute.

Greater Club Visibility Around The City
Rob Smith, the marketing manager, has been tasked with producing a report to look at ways of improving awareness around Hull.

Is there the possibility of us having controlled terracing, if legislation allows it?

No, as things are at the moment; due to the significant costs involved it would be difficult to justify. However, it is all about supply and demand.

Could these be available to all? Blind people can use headsets - they receive commentary via Tigerfusion (hospital radio).

PD said he will explore the possibility of having headsets for sale in the club shop, maybe in connection with KCFM.

Late Arrivals
Fans who arrive late for a match shouldn't have a problem getting in quickly, but PD will make sure that stewards are briefed, or a sign could be displayed at the turnstiles telling fans which entrances to use.

Music after goals
No, was the unanimous opinion of the committee, including PD and Andy Dawson, commercial director. But if there should be overwhelming support for it from the fans, it would be considered.

Sports Bar
What are the benefits? It costs £25 a season or £2 a match but the beer is the same price and what do you get for your money?

Exclusive membership and behind the scenes stuff.

Smoking Booth
No, we cannot have a "pen" such as at Derby County, as legislation states the no smoking area covers an area 8 metres from the stadium wall. Also a "pass out" system will not be considered as this would prove too difficult to organise.

Railway Plaque
Nothing to report. Will continue to look for it.

PD felt that there was no problem. He is surprised that some fans think there is. Things have improved considerably compared to a few seasons ago. We pay a low figure compared to many clubs in the Championship - we are actually in the bottom 6 of all Championship clubs in this respect. The cost is imposed on us by the Safety Advisory Group. If there is any reason to call on the police to attend one of our meetings PD thinks the police would do so. Sean White will probably be attending a meeting with us this season.

Ipswich match
The game was brought forward at short notice - was there much uptake on compensation (refund of ticket prices, train tickets etc.)?

Yes, everyone was refunded for any costs where appropriate. The club suffered as far as revenue goes, but holding both the football match and the rugby match on the same day was the best thing to do for the city (rather than rearranging one of them).

Once again the subject was brought up about tvs being turned off in some areas of the ground.

It was thought that fans are turning them off. PD will instruct stewards to make sure they turn them on if any are off.

Fraizer Campbell
Sir Alex Ferguson thought that Hull City was the best club for Campbell to come to of the ones who were interested in him. He thought we have quality players here for Campbell to learn from.

Fans Forum
There will be a Fans Forum on 31st October (Halloween night) at 7 p.m. in The Circle at the KC.

Next FLC meeting will take place on 15th November when John Cooper will attend. Any questions regarding stewarding, car parking, lighting etc. will be discussed. There will also be a representative from catering and marketing manager Rob Smith.