Last updated : 05 November 2007 By Andy Beill
Username: TipsyTiger
Real name: David Bowie
Birth date and place: 1963 Hull
Place of residence: I live under the stage at Springhead pub, Willerby
Place of residence (in the KC Stadium): My presence has graced all four sides of her.
How long have you supported City?: Since the late, late 60's
Most memorable match: Hull City 2 Liverpool 3 FA Cup 1989
All time favourite player: Brian Marwood
Current favourite player: Craig Fagan
Best ever Tigers XI: Tony Norman, Frank Banks, Peter Skipper, Jobbo, Roger De Vries, Bri Marwood, Garry Parker, Billy Askew, Dean Windass, Keith Edwards, Ken Wagstaff
Favourite film: The Deerhunter
Favourite TV programme: Anything to do with Footie or (real live) music
Favourite band/artist: Jimi Hendrix, Neil Young, Radiohead, Led Zep, Pink Floyd
Favourite song: Bridge Over Troubled Water - Simon & Garfunkel, or Birds - Neil Young
Favourite book: Crawlspace - about a guy who lived in an old couple's cellar in the USA, undetected for the first part, then they invite him upstairs, with dire consequences!
Favourite website: - my own site!