Last updated : 17 August 2004 By Andy Beill
Username: TallRob
Real name: Rob Wilson
Birth date and place: 24th Feb 1972 Kingston Upon Hull
Place of residence: Between Reading and Basingstoke
Place of residence (in the KC Stadium): South stand, South East corner, at the back.
How long have you supported City?: My dad was a steward when I was a nipper and I can remember being there from age four.
Most memorable match: Can I have three please? In no particular order:
1) City 7 Crewe 1 - Raich Carter had passed away during the week before and it was as if his spirit had lifted the team to dish out a crushing win. Deano and Linton Brown with hat-tricks I believe (although dubious hand-ball for the opener from Brown!).
2) City v Oxford, Fettis comes on in the second half as striker...and scores! The roar that went up when he came on - Oxford must've wondered who the hell we'd signed!
3) Weird one this; Rotherham 5 - 4 City. Yes, a memorable defeat. I think we went 4-0 down and I was ready to leave at half time. But then we grabbed one back...then another...then another...and for the whole second half we were magic. Rotherham went 5-3 up but then we struck again...and the final whistle blew with us on the attack about to equalise.
All time favourite player: Tough call this one...Billy Whitehurst
Current favourite player: BBB (please get well soon and be better than ever!)
Best ever Tigers XI: Difficult - how we failed to win anything with Deano and Andy Payton in the same team I'll never know.
Favourite film: Pulp Fiction
Favourite TV programme: Spaced
Favourite band/artist: Pulp
Favourite song: Hey Boy, Hey Girl - Chemical Brothers
Favourite book: Men and their sheds
Favourite website: www.badgerbadgerbadger.com