Last updated : 13 January 2005 By Andy Beill
Phil Rice, born 3rd April 1976 (during the 2-2 home draw to charlton.)
Been a tigers fan since.... 3rd April 1976.
Occupation - Operating Department Practitioner (HRI and Castle Hill)
Missus-Tiger-Rice, (aka Sarah the midwife) has been a fan since 28th November 1998, when she met me - our first date was Hull 4 - Hartlepool 1. I got her drunk on Cider in the three tunnes - she had a great time!!
Favourite film "19"
Favourite book - will be my City 2 Charlton 2 programme when I eventually find one.
Lives - Cottingham, just off St. Margarets Ave.
Drinks - in Red Hawk (Brough) a lot....
Seats - Centre of the East stand, ever so slightly too close to the pitch (4 rows up), but its too late to change now - they're my seats till I die.
Fave player - All of them, anyone who has ever graced the black and amber... although (and don't kill me) Waggy annoys me a bit, the way he hovers around bars looking for people to buy him a drink, feeling good about himself. (jealous)
Dog - Lucy, a sort of amber coloured mongrel, with a black collar.
Getting married in a few weeks - wearing tiger socks, cuff-links, watch etc....