Last updated : 15 January 2006 By Andy Beill
Username: OregonTiger
Real name: Rob Kaye
Birth date and place: 24/10/57, Brough
Place of residence: Portland, Oregon, USA
Place of residence (in the KC Stadium): E7 (when I get over)
How long have you supported City?: since the 65/66 season
Most memorable match: the Chelsea cup games in 65/66 and pretty much all of the 1982/3 through 1984/5 seasons
All time favourite player: John Hawley
Current favourite player: Boaz Myhill
Best ever Tigers XI: (1) Jeff Wealands; (2) Jock Davidson; (3) Andy Dawson; (4) Richard Jobson; (5) Peter Skipper; (6 ) Ken Knighton; (7) Brian Marwood; (8 ) Steve McLaren; (9) Chris Chilton; (10) Ken Wagstaff; (11) Ian Butler: subs Tony Norman; John Kaye; John Hawley; Nick Barmby; Dean Windass; Ken Houghton
Favourite film: Blade Runner
Favourite TV programme: The Office, or the Fox Sports Report because they show the City goals
Favourite band/artist: New Order
Favourite song: it changes day to day
Favourite book: Soul Music and pretty much everything else that Terry Pratchett has written
Favourite website: www.dribbleglass.com