Last updated : 13 January 2005 By Andy Beill
Username: Ghurkin
Real name: Ghur Kin. Named after the label on the box (see below)
Birth date and place: I was found in a box in the doorway at the back of Lansdown Clinic some time last century.
Place of residence: William Booth Hostel.
Place of residence (in the KC Stadium): As near the bar as possible.
How long have you supported City?: All my life (so far)
Most memorable match: I once had a very cute Swan Vesta
All time favourite player: Number 6 with the occasional No 10
Current favourite player: I don’t have any currents, but one of my pet raisins likes Jason Price.
Best ever Tigers XI: That one that ate the magician would have to be in, other than that I don’t really like to single them out. It makes the others depressed.
Favourite film: Tesco’s own brand cling.
Favourite TV programme: Whatever they put on the Councils big screen. Us beggars can’t be choosers.
Favourite band/artist: I’ve no respect for any artist that gets banned. Could ld I suggest that you delete this question? It shows the club in a bad light, guilt by association football and all that.
Favourite song: Anything but the morning lark that chirrups near my park bench.
Favourite book: Not really a book, but I’m quite attached to my giro.
Favourite website: The left hand corner of the ceiling in my room at the hostel seems to attract them, but the ones on the bushes in the park on a spring morning are a work of pure natural beauty.