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Last updated : 15 October 2008 By Tigers Co-operative

What have Barcelona, Real Madrid and Bayern Munich all got in common? They are all owned and controlled by their fans. Think about that.

We have the same objectives as all other supporters' trusts. Our LONG TERM GOAL is to acquire shares in our football club and to secure - by democratic election - supporters' representatives on the board of directors for the benefit of the club, the supporters and the wider community. We believe that genuine supporters want to be closer to their clubs than just buying a match ticket and merchandise.

Our SHORT TERM GOALS are to promote the interests of the supporters of Hull City; to liaise between football club and its supporters and to raise funds to achieve our long-term goal. Representatives of the Tigers Co-operative attend the regular meetings of the Fans' Liaison Committee at the KC Stadium. We are a community focused, grassroots organisation - run on a one member-one vote basis. We want to be an effective organisation that will represent the hopes, aspirations and well-being of Hull City supporters.

CAN THIS EVER HAPPEN? - Yes, with the belief and foresight of supporters to back us. While Hull City Football Club may appear secure at the moment, we all know that situations can turn around rapidly. We need to be there, ready to act quickly as we did before.

WHAT ELSE DO WE DO? - Not only have we raised money for Hull City - through selling tickets for their lotteries and as an agent for the Weekly Draw - but we have also sponsored the Hull City Ability Counts football teams and the Tigers Co-operative boys' football team run by ex-Hull City star David Mail and his wife Alicia. We also have our own website on the internet:

ARE WE THE ONLY SUPPORTERS' TRUST? - No, there are over a hundred supporters' trusts in England, Wales and Scotland and they are not just to be found at football clubs in trouble. Both Arsenal and Manchester United have supporters' trusts. Over 65,000 people in this country are members of supporters' trusts.

HAVE ANY SUPPORTERS' TRUSTS ACHIEVED ANYTHING? - Over fifty supporters' trusts have a significant shareholding in their football clubs - from Manchester United down the divisions to Notts County. More than thirty trusts have supporter representatives on the boards of their clubs ranging from Aberdeen to Northampton Town. Eight clubs are run by supporters' trusts - from Chesterfield to the newly reformed Clydebank.

WHAT BENEFITS DO I GET IF I JOIN? - You receive regular newsletters telling you what's happening, a membership card and free annual membership (if 18 or over) to the Tigers Lair Social Club.


First year adult membership is a total of £15 of which £5 is for the annual subscription and £10 buys a single share. Members may invest in more shares - if they wish - at any time.

Juniors (under 16) pay just £5 to join (with no shareholding) but on reaching the age of 16 they must then buy a £10 share.

After the first year - annual membership is only £5.

What's the difference between the Subscription and Shares?

(a) The annual subscription is used to run the organisation covering such costs as administration, promotion, stationery and newsletters. There are no paid employees as all work is undertaken by unpaid volunteers.

(b) The share money goes straight into an investment fund, which may only be used with the members' consent. Many members have more than the minimum £10 worth of shares in the fund. Your share money is refundable until such time as we make a major investment in Hull City Football Club.

PEACE OF MIND - You will have the satisfaction of knowing you are doing your bit to protect the future of Hull City A.F.C.

Further information
Phone: (01482) 846723
Write: PO Box 145, Brough, East Yorkshire, HU15 1XP