Scandinavian Arctic Tigers

Last updated : 15 April 2010 By Andy Beill

The club has members in the cold Nordic countries - Sweden, Norway, Denmark and even Iceland - none of whom are originally from Hull. It currently has about 30 paying members, whose various reason for supporting Hull City include playing as them on Championship Manager.

They've been on three supporter trips together so far, the most recent being a group of five travelling over to see the game against Fulham in March 2010. Club member Christian says each trip "usually involves football, bragging, and lots of pints."

They are also having regular gatherings in Sweden and Norway to watch the televised games, which are usually broadcast 1-3 times per month. Norwegian station Canal+ has fans in the studio during games, which members of the club have participated in.

It has a website in Norwegian and Swedish and also has a Wordpress blog and forum.