Welcome to Boothferry Park!

Last updated : 03 January 2002 By
One of the first sights that greets any visitor to Boothferry Park are the six impressive flood light pylons which are unique amongst League Clubs.

The front of the stadium incorporates the Club Offices, the Ticket Office and a Supermarket (currently Kwik Save). This complex was built in the early 1980's as the first stage of a planned retail and leisure complex which never came to fruition (a theme for Boothferry Park if ever there was one).

The Stadium was opened in 1946 after being developed by the Club since the purchase of the land in 1929! The planned opening had been the start of the 1940 season which was abandoned because of the War.

The Stadium is known to many fans as "the Ark" or "the Fer Ark" after a prolonged period during the mid-1990's when the BOOTHFERRY PARK sign on the front of the building (seen above) was largely out of order with only the FER and ARK letters illuminated. An Ark for the Tiger Nation is has been as we have steered the stormly water of the past few seasons!