The North Stand

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The North Stand (or 'Supermarket End') used to be a magnificent stand, like Bunkers. However, due to financial pressure in the eighties, this had to be reduced to much smaller terracing, and a supermarket (originally Grandways) was built underneath alongside new club offices. This is now Kwik Save, and somehow aptly represents the clubs fall in status since then!

North Stand viewed from South Stand Seats

The North Stand houses Away supporters, and they can't be very impressed by what they see - compared to the Away facilities at other Third Division grounds.

As well as hosting away fans, the North Stand is also home to the Scoreboard which usefuly no longer shows the score through out the match as this part of the mechanism seems to be out of order. It does no doubt provide some useful advertising revenue though!

The North Stand Terrace offers little protection from the weather other than a small overhang which away fans are often seen huddling under. Either wrap up very warm or get a ticket for the West Stand seats if the weather looks bad!