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The South Stand was built on the area previously known as Bunkers Hill in readiness for the 1965-66 season. The standing area at the front of the stand is still more commonly known as 'Bunkers'. The terracing area has recently been renovated including a major reconfiguration of the barriers.

Entrance to South Stand Terraces

'Bunkers' is packed every Saturday, and always gives great support (and suitable abuse to the opposition goalkeepers!). The lower level view is excellent except during North End goal mouth scrambles.

A packed house at Bunkers

The seated area above Bunkers Hill provides an excellent view of the pitch but looses some of it's advantages when the action is at the North Stand end as it is occassionally difficult to tell which way some high balls are heading! The wooden seats can be a little incomfortable and be sure to wrap up warm on cold days as the wind can whip across the front of the stand.

.View of Bunkers from Kempton.

Both the Bunkers Hill and South Stand seats are well served with refreshments. Seat tickets can only be obtained from the ticket office as the previous tradition of allowing a transfer from the standing areas for a small payment is now no longer in place.